There are a large variety of equal and unequal sizes of stainless steel angles and stainless steel angle trim. Hence, there are many stainless steel angles manufacturers in India. Ninthore Overseas have been in manufacturing and supplying Stainless steel angles since many years. Our 10 years of experience and hard work has made us to build our goodwill in many industries. We are recognized as leading Stainless Steel angles manufacturers in India.

Ninthore Overseas is one of the leading manufacturers of Stainless steel Angle Trim. We understand the need of the clients and serve them with the best quality of stainless steel angles. Our company provides S S Angle Trim with various dimensions, shapes, sizes, thickness and grades.

Stainless Steel Angle Trim

Stainless Steel angle trim is ideal for joining the inside and outside of stainless steel sheets or plates. The SS angle trim is used in contruction and renovation. SS trim is also used to create a soft transition along sharp wall edges or floor coverings. When a smooth surface is required, SS angle trim is widely used. The Angle trim is formed by cold rolled technique. This Angle Trim consists of edge trim, divider trim, Outside trim and inside trim.

Types of Stainless Steel Trim

  • Divider Trim
  • Edge Trim
  • Rounded Trim
  • Movements Joint
  • Step Trim
  • Angle Trim
  • Channel Trim
  • Inside Corner
  • Outside Corner

Stainless Steel Angle Trim Grades

  • 430ss ECO Trim
  • 304ss PRO Trim (Most Popular)
  • 316ss PRO Trim (Marine Grade)

Product Finish

  • #4 finish
  • #8 finish
  • 2B finish
  • BA (Bright Annealed)
  • Custom finish

Markets Served

  1. Restaurants – Stainless Steel is one most used product for any restaurant installation. Our Stainless steel Trim is the perfect product for your installation which will be appreciated by health and building inspectors; increasing your goodwill. You will order Trim which will match your metal and in 99 % of the cases we supply #4 finish Stainless Steel Angle Trim to our clients for their installation. We offer simple but qualitative installation. You will feel ecstatic with the consistency of the merchandise and therefore the fantastic finished installation with none sharp edges. If you are looking for stainless steel wall trim for your restaurant, and you would like it from customer service experts with a zealous drive for perfection, we’re your supplier.
  2. Commercial – Commercial customers mostly demand our Angle Trim and specially our finished installation. When utilized in food preparation areas, along hallways, or in clean rooms, a significant consideration is aesthetics, and therefore the angle trim fits the bill. No more curled metal, unsightly corners and joints, or exposed edges which will cause cuts and liability. The professional trim allows you to end all areas of your wall panels whether or not they are an outdoor corner, inside corner, or edge. All exposed faces are 1″ to make sure uniformity. If you are using 2B, Mirror or #4 Finish, you will have the trim match any of the finishes.
  3. Industrial – Customers from myriad industries have used trim for his or her installation, and range from chocolate and cheese factories, to chemical plants, and little wash-down bays during a mom and pop operation.  In these applications, the main consideration is corrosion, and longevity. The 304 PRO trim moulding is right for many applications, but in severely corrosive environments, the 316 PRO trim is suggested. Severely corrosive refers to maritime, oil field, chemical processors, etc. For example if you’re having Stainless steel installed in food packaging facility, the 304 Stainless steel PRO trim is right . If the stainless panels are being installed during a fish processing facility on the coast, 316 Stainless steel PRO trim is the ideal option for you.