Ninthore Overseas aims at providing the best quality Stainless Steel Flanges to the customers. Our skilled and trained workers and use of modern technologies help us to upgrade our level of quality of our products in compliance with the industrial quality norms. We are the top Threaded flanges manufacturers in India. Hence, such quality products match to the products of international markets. We are one of the finest manufacturers of SS Flange. We produce the excellent quality array of SS flanges. While manufacturing SS Flange, addition of alloy makes it more durable and reliable. We offer Stainless Steel Flanges in various sizes, shapes and grades to meet the needs of our patrons. Ninthore Overseas is one of the leading stainless steel flanges manufacturers in India.

Stainless Steel Threaded Flanges

Flanges have a wide range of applications in the industrial market. The production and supply of flanges have increased dramatically. Ninthore Overseas is been manufacturing and supplying stainless steel flanges in the market for various industries.

These flanges have uses in low pressure piping system as no welding is involved while connecting the flanges to pipes or other equipment. However, the flanges are weld around the joint after assembly. Hence, it is not a standard method of increasing it’s applications.

Threaded flanges are also known as screwed flanges. Also, they are similar to the slip on flanges, but the bore is thread to enable assembling without welding. Threaded pipe flanges normally have their uses with pipes that have external threads.

Applications of Threaded Flanges

  • Threaded flanges can fit to pipes of various sizes without welding and this is one chief benefit for which these flanges are highly demanded.
  • They can be used in extremely high pressure applications, particularly at or near atmospheric temperature, where the necessary post weld heat treatment is not possible.
  • These are ideal for small diameter piping applications.
  • They are economical and time saving devices.
  • These threaded flanges are normally design for non-cyclic applications.
  • The flanges are suitable to use in applications where welding is hazardous.
  • We can use them in highly explosive areas.

Features of stainless steel flanges

  • SS flange have excellent surface finish.
  • SS Flanges are easy to install..
  • Offered Flanges have accurate dimension.
  • There are multiple diameters  available in SS Flanges.
  • Steel Flanges are rust resistant.
  • These Flanges are resistant to corrosion.
  • SS Flanges show high sturdiness.
  • They have a conventional design.
  • Steel Flanges are Qualitative in nature.
  • SS Flanges are reasonable
  • Our provided Flanges are of varied specifications.
  • SS flanges are tensile.
  • We provide SS Flange with high life-expectancy.
  • The Flanges are dynamic in nature.
  • Stainless Steel Flanges are dependable.
  • SS Flanges are imperviable.
  • They are resilient.
  • The SS Flanges are endurable.
  • SS Flange withstands easily at the greater temperature and heavy loads.
  • SS Flange have stress corrosion cracking resistance.

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