Ninthore Overseas  is a leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel products. We are a leading supplier of high quality stainless steel flat bar. SS flat bar are available in different sizes and grades to meet the requirements of customers. SS flat bar posses features of sturdy body, bears high load and has long lasting performance. The offered products are available in various technical features. We also offer the same product in different grades such as Stainless Steel 200 series and Stainless Steel 300 series.

Stainless Steel Flat Bar

Our clients recommend our products due to products’ quality, dependability, durability and toughness. Ninthore Overseas  supplies product in a limited time frame and as per the needs of the clients. You can even order SS flat bar in small quantities. We will be happy to serve you with the best quality and prices.

Applications and Uses

Stainless steel bar have its applications in various industries such as engineering industry, construction industry, machining industry and manufacturing industry. Hence these applications are different depending on the shapes of the bars. The application or use of stainless steel flat bars are in construction industry in the form of base plates and brackets. Flat bars are also used in Furniture, Architectural applications, Pharma industry, Paper and Pulp, Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Precision Engineering, Handrails, Engineering industries, Kitchen equipments, structural use for High Strength components, Handles and Sanitary wares. The ASTM A240 Stainless Steel 200 series flat bar is used in manufacturing aerospace products, medical equipments, heat exchangers, etc.

Quality Assurance

Ninthore Overseas  is familiar for the quality assurance we provide to our clients. Our products are quality assured by undergoing manufacturing and heat treatment techniques. Various tests such as ultrasonic test, surface and internal defects tests, composition analysis, tensile strength and other mechanical and chemical properties tests are carried out. These analysis assures the reliability, dependability and suitability of the bars for its specific end use. The quality of the SS flat bar makes it competitive not only in India but also in the foreign markets.


Stainless steel flat bar are available as per customers requirements and demand. Ninthore Overseas  provides customized size Stainless steel flat bars. Hence, such customized flat bars can be used in many ways as intended by the customers. The standard size of our flat bar is 1/2” to 10” in thickness and width of 2mm to 150mm. You can order our products with customized sizes, grades and dimensions. We offer all the ranges of stainless steel products at affordable prices without compromising on their quality.

Product description

Ninthore Overseas  specializes in production and distribution of stainless steel flat bars. It can be provided in wide range of size and grades. Sizes of these flat bars range from 2 x 10mm to 100 x 1000mm. SS flat bar are supplied in different grades ranging from 201 to 347H. The length of the stainless steel flat bars are 3Mtr, 4Mtr, 5Mtr, 6Mtr. Customised lengths of SS flat bar are also available.

Stainless steel flat bar are used in the manufacturing process of various equipment, machines, and various components. Stainless flat bar is available in many different specifications. They have excellent mechanical specifications such as corrosion resistance. Our products are inexpensive in prices and can be used for indoor works and for usage where environment is not a fundamental factor. Great use of sophisticated techniques and machinery makes our products more exposed to international markets.

Sizes Available in Stainless steel Flat Bar

50 x 12mm , 50 x 20mm, 50 x 25mm,  50 x 40mm, 60 x 3mm, 60 x 5mm, 60 x 6mm, 60 x 8mm, 60 x 10mm, 60 x 12mm, 60 x 15mm, 65 x 5mm, 65 x 6mm, 65 x 8mm, 65 x 10mm, 65 x 12mm, 65 x 15mm, 70 x 10mm, 75 x 3mm, 75 x 5mm, 75 x 6mm, 75 x 8mm, 75 x 10mm, 75 x 12mm, 75 x 15mm, 75 x 16mm, 75 x 20mm, 80 x 5mm, 80 x 6mm, 80 x 8mm, 80 x 10mm, 80 x 35mm, 100 x 3mm, 100 x 5mm, 100 x 6mm, 100 x 8mm, 100 x 10mm, 100 x 12mm, 100 x 15mm, 100 x 20mm, 100 x 25mm, 100 x 30mm, 120 x 12mm, 125 x 6mm, 150 x 6mm, 150 x 10mm, 200 x 10mm, 250 x 12mm, 300 x 12mm

Grades in stainless steel flat bar

  • SS 201 flat bar
  • SS 202 flat bar
  • Stainless Steel 301 flat bar
  • SS 304 flat bar
  • SS 304L flat bar
  • Stainless Steel 304N flat bar
  • SS 304LN flat bar
  • SS 309S flat bar
  • Stainless Steel 310S flat bar
  • SS 316 flat bar
  • SS 3016L flat bar
  • Stainless Steel 316Ti flat bar
  • SS 316N flat bar
  • SS 316LN flat bar
  • Stainless Steel 317 flat bar
  • Stainless steel 317L flat bar
  • SS 347 flat bar
  • Stainless steel 347H flat bar, etc.

Ninthore Overseas  is certified by Mill TC EN 10204 3.1, NABL Approved Lab Test Reports, NDT Test Reports, IGC Practice E Test Reports. The standards of SS flat bar are AISI, ASTM, DIN, EN, SUS which makes our products acknowledged in Indian as well foreign markets. We offer cutting services and surface of black, bright, Hairline Matt No. 8, No. 6 Mirror Finish. Export Standard Packing is preferable for packing Flat bars. These flat bars have to arrive safely, quickly and without any damage at their destinations in any part of the world. Packing is also an essential part of quality assurance.

Hence packing methods of PVC packing and carton packing are used. The Procedure  to manufacture SS flat bar is as follows: Raw elements (C, Fe, Ni, Mn, Cr, Cu, etc) – smelted ingots by AOD finery – hot rolled into black surface – picking into acid liquid – cold drawn – polished by automatically machine – cutting into pieces – checking quality – package.

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