Stainless steel flat-bars have wide applications in different industries. Ninthore Overseas strive hard to provide you with best quality stainless steel flat-bars . Our efforts in giving our patrons with best products has made us the top stainless steel flat-bars manufacturers in India. We are a leading supplier of high quality stainless steel flat bars. SS flat bar are available in different sizes and grades to meet the requirements of customers. SS flat bar posses features of sturdy body, bears high load and has long lasting performance.

Stainless Steel Flat-bars manufacturers in India

Our hot rolled annealed and pickled (HRAP) finished stainless steel Flat Bar undergoes numerous high-tech production processes to ensure exceptional uniformity in the product quality. First, the steel undergoes hot rolling and then annealing (i.e., heating the already cooled steel) to release stress. This ensures the highest level of resistance against corrosion. In the final step, the pickling process is performed by immersing the prepared steel in a compound solution to remove any marks or scale on the steel surface. We pride ourselves as the leading stainless steel flat-bars manufacturers in India of outstanding stainless steel products of premium quality with high dimensional accuracy.

Manufacturing of stainless steel flat-bars

The production of our stainless steel flat bars is mainly directed in terms of the point of their flatness along with the attractiveness in their shapes and appearance. Our clients widely appreciate our flat-bars worldwide for their striking appearance as well as strip shape. The stainless steel flat bars are suitable for myriad applications in multiple industries that require attractive appearance and shape for their exposed parts.

The production of the stainless steel flat bars includes:

  • Raw Material: We use recycled stainless steel content, which makes nearly 85% of our raw materials. The steel undergoes sorting, testing, and analyzing to get the precise chemical composition.
  • Melting: This typically works in four ways:
    • Melting of the raw materials (alloyed steel) in an advanced electric arc furnace.
    • Further processing of steel in an Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) converter to reduce elements like carbon, nitrogen, sulfur in a steel converter
  • Tuning the Steel Composition: A subsequent metallurgical treatment performs to meet the standard quality requirements.
  • Casting of Ingots/Slabs: Following the above step, our experts transfer liquid steel ladle to the continuous casting machine in order to convert the molten steel into manageable size slabs. We inspect all the slabs to ensure the highest quality.
  • Hot Rolling: This process occurs at a temperature far above the material’s recrystallization temperature. This prevents the hardening of the steel while ensuring the same dimensions of the stainless steel in all directions.

Stainless steel flat-bars

Ninthore Overseas  is certified by Mill TC EN 10204 3.1, NABL Approved Lab Test Reports, NDT Test Reports, IGC Practice E Test Reports. The standards of SS flat bar are AISI, ASTM, DIN, EN, SUS which makes our products acknowledged in Indian as well foreign markets. We offer cutting services and surface of black, bright, Hairline Matt No. 8, No. 6 Mirror Finish. Export Standard Packing is preferable for packing Flat bars. These flat bars have to arrive safely, quickly and without any damage at their destinations in any part of the world. Hence, packing is also an essential part of quality assurance.

Hence packing methods of PVC packing and carton packing are used. The Procedure  to manufacture SS flat bar is as follows: Raw elements (C, Fe, Ni, Mn, Cr, Cu, etc) – smelted ingots by AOD finery – hot rolled into black surface – picking into acid liquid – cold drawn – polished by automatically machine – cutting into pieces – checking quality – package.